Those of you that fear the "lawsuit list" being compiled of those making statements about one of the candidates who ran for Sheriff, donít fret. If the one filing the lawsuit did a little research on the LAW regarding those running for public office, they would find that the laws of slander and other statements do not apply to politicians running for public office.

When you run for public office you are open to any and all statements made, so be prepared. The fact of the matter is filing a lawsuit will backfire and they will find themselves on the opposite end, costing them huge fines and attorney fees in federal court. Some politicians have tried suing for statements made and have lost everything they own.
I have worked for many attorneys and government agencies. I have worked on many political campaigns; one thing I advise the candidates is if you canít handle the pressure, get out of the race. It will get ugly. So again, those of you that fear the lawsuit, let the politician make the mistake of filing a law suit. The tables will be turned and they will be sorry.
 My advice: If you find yourself on this "lawsuit list", contact a attorney outside the area and the California State Attorney Generalís office ASAP. They will investigate and they will prosecute. Also contact Media sources such a 60 minutes, 20-20 and local television stations. They love stories like this.
Remember: Where there is smoke you will find fire. After all, do you really want someone threatening to file a lawsuit on the private sector representing you in law enforcement??

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