Relocation Information

Schools/Youth Opportunities
Growing up in the country may be all parents' dreams for their children. Modoc County offers those wide open spaces and wholesome surroundings but doesn't sacrifice the organized activities and quality of education that kids need.

Parent-supported community athletics such as little league and youth soccer give every child a chance to play and develop coordination and skill. An exceptional summer youth activities camp, 4-H and Future Farmers of America programs allow children to experience a "country" lifestyle, no matter if they live in town or out.

Alturas Boy Scout Troop 49 of Alturas camps approximately 35 nights and 46 days per year. They cover over 200 miles backpacking and canoeing in all kinds of weather. They have established an outstanding ham station and are able to talk to people all over the world and even to the Mir space station.

Modoc County is served by five public school systems which include seven elementary schools, three intermediate schools and four high schools. In all schools, a low pupil-teacher ratio is a big bonus. Individualized attention and consistent guidance benefit the students, who also reap the more subtle benefits of distance form large city problems like guns in the schools, gangs and widespread drug use.

For older youth, community basketball, swimming, football and soccer are offered. Modoc High School athletics are always at the top of the Shasta-Cascade AA League. Additionally, an outreach of Lassen Community College offers associate degrees in a variety of subjects, helping young people and adults prepare for careers or transfer to a university. The local campus adds new classes and programs annually.

>> Visit the Modoc Joint Unified School District & Modoc County Office of Education websites.

Outdoor Sports & Activities
Local residents and traveling athletes alike benefit from the broad range of outdoor sports offered in Modoc County year-round. A professional rodeo, numerous horse and livestock shows, a ski fest competition, cycling opportunities, rifle ranges, golf course, auto races, endurance horseback rides, and hot air balloon races keep spectators as busy as the participators.

Alturas is a unique gateway to a bevy of hunting, ice and river fishing, water and snow skiing, golfing, and other outdoor activities. Mountain biking and cross country skiing are two of the local favorites.

Another highlight of the area is the annual Alturas Fandango Days celebration, during the three days encompassing Independence Day. The whole town comes out to play, with a parade, fireworks, barbeque in the park, and a dance. August brings a county fair to Cedarville, featuring livestock and homemaking/crafts competitions as well as wild rides.

Whatever the reason for your visit, work or pleasure, our Alturas area can contribute the leisure hours in and out of doors that both visitors and residents need. Alturas, Modoc County's Seat -- at the heart of the true West!

Real Estate & Housing
A wide variety of land options are available for purchase. Retirement, ranching, relaxation, or raising a family -- you're bound to find the property setting that just right for you in Modoc County! Just under 65 percent of Modoc County is administered by federal agencies, assuring that privately owned lands will not fall prey to congestion of overpopulation. Major land use industries are agriculture, lumber, and recreation.

The topography of Modoc County includes mountainous areas, with fertile valleys and basalt plateaus. Natural resources and distinct seasons make the area a perfect place to settle, as many westward-bound wagon trains discovered in days gone by.

Lots in and around Alturas, the county seat, offer the most nearby services and amenities. Cedarville and other surrounding small towns also have grocery stores, cafes, gas stations, churches and basic services.

Acreage in Surprise Valley (bordered by Nevada to the east and Oregon to the north) is perfectly suited for agriculture. The absence of speculation development in this area, combined with no foreseeable land change, makes for a a good choice in a ranch or farm.

Starting a tourism and recreation-geared business in Alturas or surrounding area is a n opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging "getaway destination" for Southern Californians as well as Oregonians and Nevada natives.

Whether you need an existing home or rent or buy, or a building site on which to create your dream home, Modoc County has it. Again, our low cost of living is reflected in home and property costs,  making the county an attractive place to raise your family in a home you own or to retire on a fixed income. Here are some facets and figures to help you picture the options:

  • Construction cost of average 1800 square foot home with three bedrooms and two baths - $100,000 to $110,000.

  • Most city lots cost $10,000 for a large lot.

  • Outlying areas acreage costs vary according to water availability and proximity to town.

  • Rent for a 950 square foot, two-bedroom apartment is about $300 to $350.

  • Single family residential homes rent for about $350 to $400.

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